The science, art, and business of filmmaking constitute our three-point agenda of learning, with the end in view for our students to make excellent Asian films for the world. We are primarily a school for future DIRECTORS who will devote two years to academic and field training in film production, and who, in the process, will hopefully develop their own community of filmmakers with whom they can share lasting careers in motion pictures.

In these exciting times of “multi-technologies” when visual storytellers and their entertainment audiences enjoy nearly limitless options to making and viewing significant human experiences, a much higher level of excellence in motion pictures is demanded by a more discriminating public, especially a paying public. For this reason, filmmakers are challenged to be better educated, better skilled, and better prepared for the variety of ways by which they can be appreciated.

MDAFI offers comprehensive instruction and training in the following :

1. Basic Course in Motion Picture Language
2. Advanced Course in Motion Picture Production
3. Junior Summer Video Production
4. Film Scoring 1 Summer Workshop